Gomi Nanimonaikara

Mare Code:D1KJFKFZ9E
Height: 6’1)
Age: 42
Gender: Futanari
Doman-Born, La Noscean-raised. Gomi spends her days shredding on her aetheroelectric guitar in Limsa Lominsa, getting free drinks for performing songs at venues, or building her small business as a merchenary! Whether you need a Gpose Photographer, a good song or some stress relief, She’s always ready to go~

Congrats on your exquisite taste in women, However my services extend to more than just looking pretty!
Wanna run dungeons? Need help gathering? Or do you want a solo bard to fill your club, tavern or cafe with some lovely live music? She’s happy to oblige! For the right price, of course~

Courting Services
services are only available during venue hours
Gpose Commissions (Open!)
- NSFW Options: Same as SFW, however all NSFW Commissions MUST be paid in Dollars (USD), Gil will not be accepted
- Set of 3 SFW: $10 or 1,000,000gil
- Individual Com SFW: $3 or 500,000gil
- Only One (1) character is included, $2.00/300,000gil each for extra actors